After more than 380,000 visitors between Lisbon and Porto, the Magical Garden is back in Porto!

Magical Garden Aladdin Porto, produced by OCUBO, will immerse visitors in a universe of dreams and fantasy inspired by the “Thousand and One Nights”, where they become Aladdin’s companions in a magical universe!

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The Lisbon edition was like this ⤵️⤵️⤵️


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Get ready to…

Be part of one of the most iconic stories of the “Thousand and One Nights”: Aladdin;

Holograms, video mapping, interactive experiences, and giant light structures;

And much more!


Aladdin, Princess  and the Genie of the Lamp will be the main characters of Magical Garden Aladdin Sintra, the immersive and interactive show that creates an enchanted scenario of light, magic, and many adventures.

The universe of Aladdin is presented through luminous sculptures, video mapping, augmented reality, interactive installations and holograms that bring the main characters to life, on a night route that puts the public at the centre of all the action.

A tunnel of light that creates the illusion of flying on a magic carpet, a magic treasure hunt and a magnificent water fan are some of the installations that will amuse all the visitors.

Magical Garden Aladdin Porto will also feature Igor Lima, as Aladdin, Jasmin Andreia Brasil, as Princess, and Quimbé, as the Genie.

  • Some of the installations are not recommended for people with epilepsy due to the intermittent light and sound effects.

Actividades e experiências do evento:
O evento é composto por várias experiências visuais, sonoras, multimédia e interactivas que requerem manutenções técnicas pontuais;
A organização reserva-se o direito de interromper actividades ou experiências para manutenções técnicas sem prejuizo de reembolso total ou parcial do bilhete.