“CHOICE”: Príncipe Real hosts exhibition with 20 national and international artists

Exhibition brings for the first time to Portugal, original artworks created by international artists, such as  Fabio Petani, Mr. Blob e Etnik.

Between March 24 and April 2, “Because Art Matters” (BAM) presents its most recent group art exhibition “CHOICE“, at Palacete Anjos 22, located in the heart of Príncipe Real.

The show brings together original artworks by 20 artists, in a multidisciplinary cross between the universes of urban contemporary art, illustration, and sculpture.
CHOICE  highlights national artists, such as RAM, Jacqueline de Montaigne, Gonçalo MAR, Mário Belém e Margarida Fleming, but also international names: Fabio Petani, Mr. Blob e Etnik, who exhibit for the first time in Portugal.


The project “Because Art Matters” (BAM) was born in Lisbon and is presented on the market as a global artistic platform, with the aim of promoting and amplifying synergies between artists, art lovers and collectors, through exhibitions, the sale of works, collaborations and a digital gallery.


Gonçalo Magalhães, founder of Because Art Matters, adds: “Through the exhibition ‘CHOICE”, BAM offers a unique opportunity to appreciate and acquire original works of art, by renowned artists on the national and international scene. This exhibition testifies to the power of collaboration and multidisciplinary creative expression, through a set of works that break formal and conceptual barriers.

O Palacete Anjos, edifício escolhido para acolher esta exposição, funciona, desde logo, como um atrativo cartão de visita para os visitantes. Situado entre a Praça do Príncipe Real e o Jardim Botânico, este edifício histórico data de 1875, tendo sido mandado construir por Policarpo Ferreira dos Anjos sob a direção do arquiteto e cenógrafo Giuseppe Cinatti. Classificado como “Casa-Nobre”, foi “Legação dos Estados Unidos” e sede da Escola Superior Colonial, tornando-se depois propriedade do Banco de Portugal. Em 2006 foi adquirido pela EastBanc, que gere atualmente a operação do edifício.

The Palacete Anjos, the building chosen to host this exhibition, is also an attraction for visitors. Located between Praça do Príncipe Real and the Botanical Gardens, this historic building dates back to 1875, having been built by Policarpo Ferreira dos Anjos under the direction of the architect and set designer Giuseppe Cinatti. Classified as a “Noble House”, it was once the “Legation of the United States” and the headquarters of the Colonial High School, later becoming the property of Banco de Portugal. In 2006 it was acquired by EastBanc, which currently manages the building’s operation.

Filipa Valle Teixeira, Leasing Manager at EastBanc Portugal, comments the partnership with BAM. “For over 20 years we have played an active role in the revitalisation and dynamisation of Príncipe Real, so it made perfect sense for us to host this exhibition in one of the historic buildings of the neighbourhood, which still maintains original features. This initiative reflects well what Príncipe Real is today: a trend-setting cool and full of life, where contemporary culture coexists with the authenticity of its buildings”.
authenticity of its buildings”.

“CHOICE” exhibition is free and can be visited until April 2, from Monday to Sunday, between 2pm and 8pm.