Dalí Cybernetics

A futuristic journey through the mind and work of Salvador Dalí is the challenge of “Dalí Cybernetics”, the first immersive and interactive exhibition dedicated to the Catalan painter in Portugal.

A Portugal Agenda event created by Layers of Reality and licensed by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation.

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From Tuesday to Thursday:

Family Ticket* – 8,5 €
Main Ticket  – 12,5 €
Discounted ticke**  – 10,5 €

Restricted Mobility – 8,5€


From Friday to Sundays and Holidays:

Family Ticket* – 11 €
Main Ticket  – 15 €
Discounted ticke**  – 13 €

Restricted Mobility – 8,5€


Free entry for children up to 3 years old

*Price per person. Valid for a family of 2 adults + 1 to 3 children from 4 to 17 years old.

**Valid for residents in the Municipality of Lisbon, children from 4 to 17 years old, students and seniors (65+) 


From Tuesday to Friday

Sessions: 15:30| 16:00| 16:30 | 17:00 | 17:30 | 18:00 | 18:30  | 19:00 


Saturday and Sunday

Sessions: 15:30 | 16:30 | 17:00 | 17:30 | 18:00 | 18:30  | 19:00  | 19:30


Duration: 1 h 15 min




Immersivus Gallery Lisboa, no Reservatório da Mãe D’Água das Amoreiras


Get ready to…

Embark on a journey through the mind of one of the most brilliant artists of all time;

360º projections, interactivity, original films, and virtual reality;

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In “Dalí Cybernetics”, Dalí enters the metaverse through an interdimensional digital art door, providing a completely new view of his work and its enigmas. The exhibition also reveals various perspectives, unknown to the public, which reflect the artist’s thinking.
Born on 11 May 1904 in Figueres (Girona), the master of surrealism was a pioneer in the use of digital tools in the creation of his works, even stating that in the future, art would be replaced by more fruitful forms, still impossible to imagine, completely outside the limits of the fine arts and absolutely in keeping with the present day.
The multisensory exhibition takes the public through the artist’s mind and his poetic and dreamlike universe, through large-format projections, interactive installations, holograms, and virtual reality.
In the surroundings of the Mãe D’Água Reservoir in Amoreiras, “Dalí Cybernetics” uses the latest technology to provide a unique digital experience that covers themes that fascinated Salvador Dalí, such as parallel universes, quantum physics, the fourth dimension, optics, sacred geometry or DNA sequencing.

  • Exhibition not recommended for people with epilepsy, due to the intermittent effects of light and sound