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Magical Garden Aladdin Sintra - Acessibility

The Magical Garden Aladdin event had as one of its concerns to be more accessible. In order to achieve this, visits were made to the route to ensure that it can be visited by the greatest diversity of visitors possible, including the placement of ramps, if necessary, ensuring a comfortable and safe night time experience.
In addition, we also have available at the event, under reservation, the swisstrac equipment – a traction vehicle to aid the mobility of people moving in manual wheelchairs – which allows the routes to be done with less effort, more quickly and safely.
The equipment requires prior booking. If you have not already done so, it will be subject to availability.

About swisstrac:
The assembly time for the manual wheelchair traction equipment is around 20 minutes, so the visitor will have to arrive early for the assembly. However, if it is the visitor’s preference, he/she may use the wheelchair provided by an assistant.
The visitor can use the equipment during 1h30m, with a 15min tolerance to return to the agreed delivery place.

This equipment, despite being compatible with most of the models, is not universal. If the visitor’s wheelchair is not suitable for combination with the swisstrac, we recommend the use of the wheelchair provided at the event.

If the visitor has no mobility of the upper limbs, he or she cannot use this equipment.

For reservation, please, contact lisboa@portugalagenda.com .