The Ruins of the Carmo Convent are the main stage of the immersive and multidisciplinary show “Lisbon Under Stars”.

The Church itself show us its over 630 years of history, which are linked to the history of Lisbon and Portugal, adding multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects to the sound of great Portuguese musicians.



  • Family ticket * – 15 €
  • Main ticket – 20 €


Free entry for children up to 5 years old


* Price per person. Valid for a family of 2 adults + 1 to 3 children from 6 to 17 years old.


From Monday to Saturday

Session: 9:30 p.m / 10:30 p.m

Duration: 45 minutes


Ruins of the Carmo Convent

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Get ready for…

An immersive 45-minute show featuring great names in Portuguese music

A trip back in time through more than 600 years of Lisbon and Portugal’s history


  • Artistic direction: Nuno Maya
  • Narration: Catarina Furtado
  • Soundtrack: Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Lopes Graça, Luís Freitas Branco, Teresa Salgueiro, Salvador Sobral and Zeca Afonso
  • Special participation: Mariza, Rão Kyao, Teresa Salgueiro, Coro de Câmara Lisboa Cantat, Orquestra de Câmara da GNR and Tocá Rufar with Paulo Marinho
  • Choreography: Catarina Casqueiro and Tiago Coelho
  • Street art: Add Fuel, Daniel Eime, Vanessa Teodoro and Mafalda M. Gonçalves

In this indescribable 45-minute experience, Lisbon Under Stars tells us about several moments in history, such as the Battle of Aljubarrota, the Age of Discoveries, the 1755 Earthquake and the Carnation Revolution.

Each moment of this unique journey will be emphasized with the notes of Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Lopes Graça, Luis Freitas Branco, Salvador Sobral and Zeca Afonso. Lisbon Under Stars also includes the special participation of Mariza, Rão Kyao, Teresa Salgueiro, Coro de Câmara Lisboa Cantat, Orquestra de Câmara da GNR, and Tocá Rufar with Paulo Marinho, whose songs and performances are part of this virtual experience. The same happens with dancers and choreographers Catarina Casqueiro and Tiago Coelho, who will interact with the walls of the Ruins. 

In the heart of the events, the public can freely circulate through the venue, see, hear and appreciate different perspectives of this immersive journey and get involved in this remarkable audiovisual and sensory experience, always with the stars above reminding us of the true dimension of the Universe and our human condition in space and time.  

This magnificent event, which won the Best Cultural Event Award in 2018, has already brought more than 60,000 Portuguese and foreign visitors to the Ruins of Carmo. An ovation to the culture and heritage of our country!